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From the best malt


Award-winning beers from Vakka-Suomi

Several Prykmestar beers have won awards on both Finnish and European scales. In addition to competitions, Prykmestar’s products are familiar from the shelves of several well-stocked stores. Traditional beers are handcrafted at Vakka-Suomen Brewery in Uusikaupunki.


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The story of the mayor

Vakka-Suomen Brewery has had a floating malt scent since 2008. The brewery was located right in the center of Uusikaupunki at that time. However, the facilities remained small as production increased and in the autumn of 2014 the brewery

moved to new, newly completed, production facilities for a few

kilometers from downtown. The

In connection with the move, fully automated cooking equipment was acquired from the Kaspar-Schulz equipment manufacturer in Germany. The cooking size of the equipment is 2,000 liters, and in 2018, a total of approximately 600,000 liters of all beverages were produced. The

In 2020‭ ‬Stadin Brewery bought Vakka-Finnish brewery's bankruptcy estate and took on the task jatkaa‭ ‬ fantastic perinnettä‭.‬ Prykmestarin products

Prykmestar's products


Tel. 010 4066 870

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