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Idea for a gift:

Stadin Panimo brewery tour!


What a wonderful idea for a beer enthusiast over the age of 18;

getting to know the process of making beer and seeing the equipment and ingredients!

Our brewery tour takes an hour and you get to taste two of our freshest beers.

We introduce you to our production, our history and the history of craft beer culture.

During the tour we get to know all the basic ingredients of making beer, and what else you can use besides the necessary.

You can buy a gift card only to a brewery tour, or to a tour and a beer tasting.

Gift cards for beer tastings can also be bought separately.

Beer tastings offer a selection of our most fresh and finest beers on tap.

Gift card are valid 9 months from the purchase day.

Pick a gift card from the store, pay it

and choose if you want it to be sent yours or to recipients e-mail address (.pdf-form).

On the cashier you can add a greeting if you like.

You can also print the card and decorate it!

With the gift card code a tour can be booked from our website. Please note that English tours are held only once or twice every two months and thus must be booked separately.









If you bought your gift card before COVID pandemic, we can try and recover it if you did not get a chance to use it in 2022.

In 2023 we do not recover gift cards which have outdated in 2021 and 2022.

If you have Elämyslahjat gift card you can contact Elämyslahjat customer service

if you need to extend your gift card validity.

During 2022 and now in 2023 we arrange brewery tours normally without any COVID restrictions.

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