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see how the beers are BREWED!

Welcome to Stadin Brewery in Suvilahti to learn how high-quality artisan beers are brewed in a small Finnish brewery.


This visit takes a peek at the production facilities, goes deep through the brewing stages and gives you a taste of the artisan produce in a small brewery bar.


An hour-long guided brewery visit offers visitors a glimpse into the ways in which a high-quality small brewery operates and the seductive tasty world of artisan beers.


In total, the experience visit includes the following benefits:

- An hour-long guided visit to Stadin Panimo

- Get to know the process of making artisanal beers

- Feel, smell and get to know beer raw materials

- Two tasting portions (2 dl) of the latest Stadin Panimo beer per participant.

The tour costs 35 euros per person.

All tours on the calendar below are in Finnish.

If you'd like an English tour, please book your spot directly from us. We arrange English tours few times a year.


Saturday 20th April 14:00 / 2PM

Book your spot!

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