Panimobaari toistaiseksi suljettu / Brewery bar is closed until further notice due to covid-19 situation.

Olutkauppa auki klo 12-16 ma-la ja muuna aikana sovittaessa.

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Craft beer in Helsinki


Brewery bar is closed due to covid-19 situation until further notice.

Stadin Panimo (roughly translates into Helsinki Downtown Brewery) is an innovative craft brewery located in Suvilahti, Helsinki, Finland. Stadin Panimo was founded in 1998. During the years we have made over 500 different beers and we are constantly testing different hops, malts, yeasts and beer styles. We have won many awards in different Finnish beer competitions. Our ambition is to make better beer every time in every batch.

Looking for local craft beer in Helsinki? You can try our latest beers by visiting our small beerhouse which is located right next to our brewery. The address is Kaasutehtaankatu 1, rakennus 6, 00540 Helsinki.

Best way to reach the brewery and Panimobaari (beerhouse) is by subway/metro. Just hop off at Kalasatama station and walk under 5 minutes towards old industrial area Suvilahti.

It takes about 20 minutes from Helsinki Railway Station to our brewery by subway/metro. Panimobaari is open every day!

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Brewery bar is closed due to covid-19 situation until further notice.


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